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Greater Newark Charter School
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Q. What is One Newark Enrolls?

A. One Newark Enrolls is a system of choice where all families can access great schools for their children, regardless of the school’s status as district or charter. The system is available to any Newark family wishing to enroll their child in a new school for the upcoming year. Students may rank up to eight school choices – both district and charter – on a single application. They will then receive a single offer to attend the best possible school given their selections.

Q. How do I apply to Greater Newark Charter School?

A. Families may apply to GNCS in two ways: by completing a paper application, or by logging into the new Online Enrollment Center at The application will be open from January 6 to February 14. Students may apply any time within this window. Families can pick up a copy of the paper application at any participating school or at a number of community locations, and can return the application to any school. Just be sure you list Greater Newark Charter School as your top choice on the application!

Q. What are the benefits of One Newark Enrolls?

A. In the past, families have had to navigate multiple applications, competing timelines, and dual processes during regular enrollment seasons. One Newark Enrolls streamlines this process by combining applications, timelines, and processes into a single system that all participating schools follow.

Q. How are students matched to schools?

A. After the application closes, automated computer software will match each student with the best possible school based on the student’s choices and the policies of the enrollment system. This computer software is used in several other districts with centralized enrollment systems, and has been customized for Newark’s needs. Students will learn of their matches in April 2014.

Q. I already applied to Greater Newark’s admissions lottery. What do I do now?

A. You will need to complete a new application via the new One Newark Enrolls application. Be sure to list Greater Newark Charter School as your #1 choice on the application!

Q. My student is on Greater Newark’s waiting list. What do I do now?

A. Unfortunately new waiting lists will be created within the new application system. Please complete new applications for each student via the new One Newark Enrolls application. Be sure to list Greater Newark Charter School as your #1 choice!

Q. How much does Greater Newark Charter School cost?

A. There are no tuition costs or fees required to apply to or attend GNCS.

Q. Who is eligible to attend Greater Newark Charter School?

A. GNCS is open to all residents of Newark, New Jersey. Children entering Kindergarten must turn five on or before October 1 of their enrollment year.

Q. How can I submit an application?

A. All applications must be submitted through Newark Public Schools' new One Newark Enrolls application. Be sure to rank Greater Newark Charter School as your #1 choice!

Q. How does "sibling preference" work?

A. Siblings of currently enrolled GNCS students are given preference for admission over non-sibling applicants. Sibling preference applies to a student who has a sibling already in attendance at the school at the time of the lottery. Sibling preference only applies to students who share a common parent through birth or legal adoption and live in the same household. Children who live in separate households are not considered siblings.

Q. Can I select which campus my child will attend?

A. Greater Newark Charter School has two campus locations. The K-5 Elementary Campus is located at 106 7th Avenue, Newark, NJ 07104. The Middle School Campus (grades 6-8) is located at 72 Central Avenue, Newark, NJ 07102. Grade level placement will determine the campus location. Please call our main desk, 973-242-3543 x 202, Community Liaison if you have any questions or concerns.

Q. Does GNCS accept English Language Learners?

A. Yes. English Language Learners are encouraged to apply

Q. Does GNCS accept Special Education (SPED) students?

A. Yes. Children with special needs are encouraged to apply.

Q. How can I learn more about GNCS?

A. We encourage you to attend either an Open House or drop by for a School Tour. See our events calendar for specific dates and locations. We also encourage you to browse this website. Should you have any questions, please contact our Community Liaisons.

Q. How can I contact the One Newark Enrolls team?

A. Contact the One Newark Enrolls team at Telephone 973-733-7333 and or Email

Q. Waiting List Questions?

A. Our waitlist process will change as we work to adopt the new One Newark Enrolls system. Please check back for further information about waiting lists.

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